Monday, June 7, 2010

Relay for Life: More Birthdays

The theme of the American Cancer Society's fundraiser "Relay for Life" is "More Birthdays."

I love this theme. Birthdays are such an enjoyable and memorable milestone and I love how ACS is reminding us that this is what their work is all about.

ACS has asked me to put together a donation that they will auction off. In commemoration of this theme, I've prepared a "More Birthdays" themed gift:  streamers, balloons, cake, candles, and other birthday decorations, in a pink tub with cupcakes. 

My best friend who lives in Europe says this is a very American tradition and that only recently are they seeing birthdays with balloons and streamers! I can't imagine a kid's birthday without it!

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  1. Hello!

    I just stumbled onto your etsy shop, and thought i'd take a look @ your blog. This birthday tub is adorable, and I think it's *wonderful* that you're donating it. I am extremely fortunate to still have both my best friend (from toddler-years on!) and my cousin's daughter (three when diagnosed) in my life after both battled extremely rare forms of cancer, one after the other. The strength and courage they each showed - at ages three and thirty - were amazing, and I learned from each of them lessons that i doubt they'll ever even realize that they taught.

    Every time I see the ACS birthday commercials, I tear up, thinking of what the world would be like without them. Selfishly, I wonder mostly what in the world I would do without my best friend - and I mean *friend*, the kind that everyone wishes they had ... but I do. And because she's a fighter, I STILL do! So to see someone, ANYONE, donating to this cause - it just makes me want to stop and thank them.

    So, thank you - from the bottom of my heart. Your work is beautiful, and clearly, your heart is, too.